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Monitor your children and elderly at home with a surveillance camera system

My Children

Too often out of town for my job, I was looking for a way to see what was happening at home with a surveillance camera system that was easy and quick to set up. Several electronic systems exist today that allow us "to have eyes all around our heads" as they say. This type of monitoring is very useful with our young children who are too often out of my sight.
temoignage Jean Drouin camera de surveillance 24vs
Jean Drouin

My Parents

I also have a surveillance camera at my parents home who live nearby. They are both of the most respectable age with very little mobility. Together, we’ve agreed to have a camera installed in the kitchen with which I can follow their activities at all times. This camera is equipped with a two-way audio system that allows us to communicate when necessary. These technologies really do give me peace of mind.
Systeme de surveillance 24vs Pierre toussaint
Pierre Toussaint

Eventually, I will be able to expand the system to add more surveillance cameras for the children's playroom and the garage. Today's security camera systems can be modified and expanded as needed.

Peter Mackenzie

With seven-day-a-week, 24-hour monitoring, I gain speed and efficiency if ever a problem arises. I love the comfort it gives me. With my phone I have access from anywhere.

Mary Zouboulakis

Remote Viewing

For the garden, I opted for a wider field of vision to clearly see everything that is happening behind the house. When at home in the summer, I’m often in the garden in the back of the house for some sunbathing, cutting grass or working my plants and flowers, Now, whenever somebody comes to our front door, I can see on my cell phone who’s ringing the doorbell with the camera I’ve placed in front of the residence entrance. Deliveries, visitors or Jehovah's Witnesses, whatever the case may be, I can respond accordingly. Also, I can use the surveillance system alarm if I wish to scare off intruders and record them. Pretty neat stuff.
temoignage Manon Lapointe camera de surveillance 24vs
Manon Lapointe

Seeing in the dark

Nothing better than an infrared camera to follow a sleepwalker who moves in the wee hours of the night between the rooms of the house, sometimes even in the garden. One of my teen is just that person. Our swimming pool area can be dangerous for anyone who ventures there in the dark without proper lighting or supervision. The motion detector of the camera that I placed behind the house overlooks the pool and warns me immediately that there is someone or something around and I can intervene quickly if there is a problem. The garden camera is equipped with LED lights that turn on automatically as soon as movement is detected.
emoignage Aman Kumar camera de surveillance 24vs
Aman Kumar