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Video surveillance in residences for the elderly

Without infringing on the  privacy rights of seniors, the addition of surveillance cameras offers a significant aspect of security for the peace of mind of the family. As seen in our media, cases of abuse of our elders are not uncommon. Security cameras were able to capture unfortunate incidents in some of our retirees’ institutions.

Keep an eye on what’s going on

Video surveillance allows you to have a clear view of the situation every day of the week, 24 hours a day. The recording of the video capture allows you to come back to an event to identify the problem that may have arisen during ‘an incident. It is a device that also allows owners and managers to better control the work of their teams and monitor compliance with the standards of the establishment, whether public or private.

Arrange the cameras inside and outside

Different security camera systems can be used for video surveillance. Interior cameras placed in common areas and in residents’ rooms are generally equipped with electrical wires and will be installed by a professional. Some camera models are equipped with a two-way audio system that allows real-time communication with the person in front of the camera.

The installation of cameras outdoors can be done with electric wires, with solar energy or with batteries. They can be placed in high traffic areas such as the entrance to the residence, the emergency exits and the parking lot.

Indoor Video Audio Surveillance Camera
Indoor Video Audio Surveillance Camera
Outdoor wireless 1080 camera with battery
1080 Wire Free Indoor Battery Camera

Feature options

Surveillance camera systems are offered with a set of features that are all more interesting and that can be used for different needs in seniors’ residences. These cameras offer live video capture on smart phones, image recording, listening to what is happening in the residence, night vision, etc. 

They make it possible to identify events that have occurred by date, to receive alerts when a suspicious event has taken place and to produce photos on request.

Respect the rules

Video surveillance in seniors’ residences must comply with certain rules in order to avoid problems. The installation of cameras in rooms, for example, is permitted by law as long as other users are not filmed by the camera, so as not to infringe their right to privacy. 

You can avoid disputes, find out from the staff of your establishment if you wish to proceed with the installation of surveillance cameras in a particular residence.

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